Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Naming Contest

Dear Gentle Readers ~

I’ve recently cleaned out my husband’s “office” at home and plan on renovating it for my own purposes. The room will have a treadmill, a chair-sleeper (it folds down into a twin bed), and a lamp for reading. For years, the room was called “Tim’s Room”, or “Tim’s Office”. Since Tim’s death, I’ve called it “that room”, with somewhat of a sneer in my voice! Shall we just say he left it piled high and wide with lots of stuff.

Now that I am re-designing the room, I’d like a name for it. And that’s what leads me to YOU: a group of highly intelligent and creative people. I am soliciting names for “that room”. I’ve given you the purpose of the room and what will be placed in it. Please don’t suggest “Guest Room” because I already have one of those! And I already have a “Home Office”. I’m looking for something catchy/creative/novel/different.

The contest will work this way: please provide me your suggestions, and the one I use will win a prize – a gift card for $25.00 to Barnes & Noble. You may submit more than one name.

I thought a contest would be fun and would provide me with a lot of naming possibilities. And someone would win a card!

So please email, or post, your suggestions by Sunday, May 31, which would have been our 29th wedding anniversary! I will look over the submissions, choose one, and let you know of the winning name on Monday, June 1.

Thanks for your help. Have fun!