Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scholl Piano Music Online

Dear Gentle Readers:

As many of you already know, I serve as my church's pianist at the Traditional Worship Service. My offertories are now on the church's website. If you want to hear some of the selections, go to

Then click on "Online Sermons" on the left sidebar.

Choose a date, then click on "Music". We are beginning to add titles/composers.

January 24 is "As the Deer", a Belinda Scholl arrangement of the popular contemporary piece.
January 31 is very blurry, and does not do justice to the music or to me. It's a medley of "Holy, Holy" and "How Majestic is Your Name", another Belinda arrangement.
February 7 has title/composer.

I'd love your feedback. What I do is first for God, secondly for others, and thirdly for myself.



Terry Lee said...

lovely music, belinda! and what a great idea putting it online to share with the world!

video would be nice as well, to be able to watch and listen to you play. just sayin'. :-)

love you,
terry lee

Library Lady said...

Yes, great idea, but not mine. Our CUMC communications person told me he was putting the sermons online as well as my offertories. It has been fun sharing it with others.

I hope you continue to be blessed by what you hear.

Love you!
Big Sis