Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Bells

Dear Gentle Readers:

As you read this blog posting, I will be a married woman! Yes, Teddy and I decided to move up our wedding from June 26, 2010 to March 15, 2010. We were married March 15 at 12:30 p.m. in a double ring ceremony at Christ United Methodist Church in Fort Worth where we are both members, and where I serve at the Traditional Service as the pianist. My sister, Terry, her husband, and one of her children joined us in the quiet, but worshipful, ceremony that Pastor Vaughn performed. His lovely wife, Jacque, was also present for the occasion.

After the ceremony, we took our limo (!) to Reata where Teddy and I hosted members of "the wedding party" for a wedding luncheon.

There were several notable reasons we chose an earlier date, among them wanting to avoid the stress related to planning even a small wedding -- and I was beginning to really feel that stress. We decided Spring Break would be a great time to get married, giving me the week off from work for our honeymoon. We kept it "under the radar" except for a few close family members.

We know many of you had planned on attending The Great Event of 2010, i.e., our June wedding, and hope you will forgive us for forging ahead with our plans. Now you are free to do something else! Thank you for your love, support, and well wishes as we now are husband and wife.

By the way, I am retaining my last name of Scholl.

Teddy Ashcraft & Belinda Scholl & Domino Scholl


Terry Lee said...

and what a lovely ceremony/day it was! am so thankful to have been a part of such a special time in your life, dear sis.

congrats again. may the Lord bless you and teddy with many, many happy, healthy years together!!

love you!

Library Lady said...

Thanks for your comment. Like you, I LOVE comments. And I love that you were at our wedding, precious sister.

Teddy was talking on the phone with a friend of his in OKC and the friend asked how we were doing. Teddy responded, "We're like two kids in a candy store."

How true!

Did you read my email about my roses?!?

Love you,
Big Sis

dana said...

"like to kids in a candy store" -pardon the pun, but how sweet!!! Congratulations to you both!

dana said...

yes, I can spell. "two" not "to"