Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Countdown is ON!

Dear Gentle Readers:

It is official. It has begun.

We are in The Final Days.

No, I'm not talking about Armageddon, but it may be just as bloody. I'm talking about The Final Days of School. Where I work, there are exactly 19 days including today because I WANT CREDIT FOR GETTING UP THIS MORNING!!!

OK. In order for you to celebrate with me, I'm in the Countdown Mode. Here are the number of days that remain in the school year. That's work days for me.

Stay tuned!


Terry Lee said...

woohoo!! the countdown is exciting! glad it's coming to an end ... your school year, that is.

thanks for the blog comments! my award comes with nothing but the satisfaction of a job well done, and the love and admiration of all my followers. heh heh

btw, the "womanly" post you're working on (or at least the first couple of sentences) keeps showing up on my dashboard ... as if you've published it already. don't know how many followers you have, but just thought you should know.

love to you and your boys. :-)

terry lee

Library Lady said...

Yes, the countdown is on. The post to which you refer. Well, the story on that is I DID post it, then decided to take it down.

Don't know why it's still appearing on your dash, but it's not on my blog.

The Boys are fine. We all send our love to you.