Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Pack of Three (Minus One)

Our Pack has diminished. One of our members is gone, albeit temporarily. Domino and I have been left to fend for ourselves tonight while Teddy drives back to Clarendon (near Amarillo) to fetch his wookworking tools, table saws, and all of the other mysterious thingies that a woodworker uses to turn a chunk of wood into a piece of art or a utilitarian product, of which we have both examples in our backyard.

He called to say he'd arrived safely -- always a relief to my hyper-active imagination. Though he will be back tomorrow early evening, I miss him even now while at work. But Domino and I will keep the home fires burning and will manage on our own until the other 1/3 of The Pack returns safely to our loving arms and paws!


Terry Lee said...

awwwww. he'll be back before you know it!

praying for traveling mercies and for your peace of mind and safety while he's gone.

love you,

Anonymous said...

Awww... hope he's back in your loving arms & paws soon. Should be a beautiful weekend for woodworking. (Or not woodworking ;-)

SarahBowie said...

Uh, where is all that equipment going to go in your house...?

Library Lady said...

An astute question, Sarah, since you know how small our house/yard are.

We have rented a large storage unit very near our house. Teddy will take the tools he needs when he has projects and bring them back to the house.

Not the ideal situation, but at least he will have access to the tools he needs.