Monday, December 7, 2009

Sister & Nephew Time

This past weekend, my sister and her youngest offspring came for a visit. If you follow my blog, you'll know that Terry and Matthew were the first family Domino had. Naturally, my sister and Matthew were eager to visit Domino, and Domino wriggled in excitement when I told him who was coming to visit!

It was a joyous reunion -- Domino's paws hardly touched the ground the entire time they were here. Extra arms to love and hold that precious pup! And he gobbled up all that attention. Note Domino wedged in my arms and huddled up to stay warm! What a pup!

My sister and I had some very good quality "sister time". Thanks, Terry, for your help in acquiring my new MYTHIC PHONE I am, indeed, loving it! But mostly I love the time we spent together.

Great hugs, Matt! Great stories, Terry!
What's said at OTB stays at OTB!
~ Photos courtesy of Terry Lee Knight


Terry Lee said...

i'm glad i checked back to leave a comment. didn't realize you'd added some pics to your post!!

love the aunt/nephew/domino pic! awww!! and the sister pic is special too! even the sun adores us! heh heh

enjoyed the visit! yes, the OTB conversation was never spoken. ;-)

terry lee

Library Lady said...

Yes, I added YOUR pictures and also gave credit.

I think we have enough on each other to stay quiet for some time! ;-)